Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wishes on the wall

Wall Wisher allows SST students to post their comments online for others to read. However Wall Wisher has its limitations too. A student can post something that he wants only this person to see but everyone sees it as well.
Wall Wisher will help me in my learning activities as I can post my comments and everyone in class will be able to see and consider it.

Digital collage

From Recently Updated

I like Facebook most because it allows me to chat with my ex-classmates as well as ask my current classmates about homework in school. Facebook also allows me to relax and play games after I finished my work. It also allows me to connect with relatives when I am overseas to assure them I am fine.

Places I've been to in Singapore

View Places I've been to in Singapore in a larger map

The marked places are places in Singapore that I have been to.

Google Maps

View My Home To SSt in a larger map

From Google Maps, I have created a route from my home to SST. I feel that Google Maps is reliable as it displays each landmark clearly.

My feelings about this blog

When I created this blog, I felt that this blog could help me express my feelings to others. It was not easy creating this blog but I gave me a sense of achievement that I have gotten into SST. Creating this blog will help me in my journey @SST, as it will help me write down my experiences so I can review them. This blog also allows me to express my feelings to others and this blog is just like my personal online diary.

Congratulation! You have been chosen.

I chose this picture because I was very happy when I got my confirmation letter. A sunflower shows the happy side of a person so I am glad to say that I am very happy about getting into SST. Now I will be able to interact with machines in school and use a Macbook.